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sole proprietorship examples in india
sole proprietorship examples in india

Unlike a general partnership which only has one class of partners, limited partnerships have at least one general partner and one or more limited partners. As in a general partnership, limited and general partners also share profits and losses that they then report on their personal income tax returns. A particular corporation is created by filing articles of incorporation with the state in which the company will be doing business.

sole proprietorship examples in india

A photographer likely has business expenses for their travel and equipment, which they can deduct for their business on their own tax return. A sole proprietorship often makes the most sense for a photography business in many cases because it is a low-risk sole proprietorship examples in india business without a lot of liability. There is little benefit to most photographers, especially as they are starting out, to register another business entity type. The companies generally have a continuous existence irrespective of changes in ownership.

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Aadhar Card of the Proprietor– It is mandatory everywhere in India. Academy Get free resources and everything you need to know to start, run, and grow your small business. Business Know-How Browse hundreds of helpful articles on everything business. After submitting your form with relevant documents and required information, one will receive the message for successful form submission and pertinent details. A Sole Proprietorship Firm require minimum 2 Legal Entity Proof for open a Current Bank Account.

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As there is less government regulation, if you run a sole proprietorship business, it can be the most accessible type to establish. Due to its many advantages, this business type is highly famous among sole owners of businesses, consultants, and individual self-contractors. Yes, a bank account must be opened by the sole proprietor in the name of his/her sole proprietorship business. A sole proprietor must open a current account and carry out all the proprietorship business transactions in the account of the sole proprietorship firm.

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The separation of ownership from the management some-times results in a conflict of interests between owners and management. The best the shareholders can do is to change some of the directors through a vote in the annual general meeting subsequent to any such conflict. In a unique feature, all partners have unlimited liability in the business. The partners are all individually and jointly liable for the firm and the payment of all debts. This means that even the personal assets of a partner can be liquidated to meet the debts of the firm. In most cases, only a license is required to carry out the desired business.

The practical implication of such an agreement is that the entire profit made by sole proprietor is in the hands of the owner. A registered firm can also be transferred easily to a corporate entity, should the need arise for the same. Certain types of companies also protect the personal interest/assets of Partners/Directors in case of losses or debts. Believe it or not, the owner of a franchise can work as a sole proprietor. The way it works is that the franchise owner will pay a fee to the franchiser for the right to use the company’s name.

Ashish Hemrajani – Founder, Book My ShowAshish Hemrajani is an Indian entrepreneur, popularly identified as the Co-founder and CEO of Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of India’s biggest online entertainment ticketing platform BookMyShow. Ashish Hemrajani completed his MBA with Marketing as his specialization from Sydenham University in 1997.

When any natural person, and not a ‘legal’ person or another entity, is in charge of an organization, it becomes a sole proprietorship enterprise. For example, there are no separate tax returns that are to be filed and the income incurred by the proprietor must be disclosed in the personal income tax returns itself. Since Sole Proprietorships are not governed by any specific law, the legal compliances are minimal. They do not have a pre-defined Certificate of Incorporation or Registration Certificate. So, the compliances depend upon registrations or licenses taken by a particular sole proprietorship. For example, if a sole proprietorship registers itself under GST law, then it will have to comply with the GST return filing, etc.

Kamath got into the world of trading at the early age of 17 and eventually, his love for trading grew. Nithin was successful in trading but also lost quite a lot of his money in the early 2000s. Kamath then returned to a fixed job at a call center, where he worked for 4 years before joining Reliance Money as a franchisee in proprietary trading and advisory services. He worked hard and saved his capital to establish his own company Zerodha in 2010 and emerge at the top of his game with Nikhil. Firstcry has grown to be a market leader when it comes to baby products online.

The caring of the dependent is being done by the proprietor would help him availing the deduction in income tax liability. Even, the list of all proprietorships is not readily available with the Government officials. Identity proof of Sole Proprietor (Permanent Account Number of proprietor is a mandatory requirement here). As a sole proprietor with little business know-how, this method can be quite profitable as the franchiser will provide the business model along with support for operations and marketing. Proprietorship firms are business entity that are owned, managed and controlled by one person.

The objectives must be confirmed to the satisfaction of the Central Government. Choosing the right legal structure is aligned to the goals of the entity and the local and central laws where it desires to establish its base. Well-defined goals enable the entity to pick up the best legal structure for the fulfilment of such goals. © 2023 – is the leading provider of personalized online legal solutions & legal documents in India.

Those choosing a sole proprietorship are usually in low-liability career fields and seek the administrative ease and flexibility that comes with this type of entity. We’ve compiled a list of eight different types of businesses that make good sole proprietorship examples. A sole proprietorship business, also known as a sole trader and a proprietorship, is an unincorporated business with only one owner. The sole proprietorship pays personal income taxes on the business’s profits. A sole proprietorship business is famous as a sole trader or a proprietorship name.

Starting a business as a housekeeper means finding homes to clean and establishing a regular list of clients. This can be difficult to do on your own, but you also aren’t likely to need to pay for help right away. Photographers typically work for themselves taking pictures at weddings, graduations, events or for other specific purposes such as senior photos or marketing materials. Some work at studios while many work on location for whatever event they are capturing. Most are solopreneurs, meaning they work on their business all by themselves. These are the best money-making and easiest-to-start business ideas that you can earn.

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Like, a tax audit is required if the turnover/sales exceed ₹ 1 crores and for professional services, the audit is required if receipts exceed ₹ 50 lakh. Similarly, GST audit is required if the turnover exceeds ₹ 2 crores. Easier legal compliances – Since Sole Proprietorships are not governed by any specific law, the legal compliances are minimal.

A housekeeping business is likely to outgrow a sole proprietorship. When you hire employees or start to bring in a significant amount of revenue, then you’ll likely want to register an LLC. A Sole Proprietorship is not a separate legal entity from its owner, which means the owner’s personal assets are at risk in case of business losses or debts. Just upload your form 16, claim your deductions and get your acknowledgment number online. You can efile income tax return on your income from salary, house property, capital gains, business & profession and income from other sources.

How many shareholders can a private limited company have?

The company that initially started with Rs 35 lakhs, which Richa borrowed from her friends, is currently one of the best women’s lingerie marketplace in India. The company currently holds about 26% of the market share of the women’s online lingerie market in India, which stood at Rs 430 crore in FY19. Supam Maheshwari is better known as the CEO and Co-Founder of Firstcry, India’s online marketplace for baby products. Supam was a postgraduate student from IIM Ahmedabad and started Brainvisa, as his first company with Amitava Saha, back in March 2000. The Pune-based company witnessed a steady growth before it was acquired by the US-based group, Indecomm Global in 2007.

In that case, you probably already looked into landscaping small businesses. StartupTalky is top startup media platform for latest startup news, ideas, industry research and reports, inspiring startup stories. Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran are the youngest entrepreneurs in India. They co-founded the company called ‘GoDimensions’ a development unit, in 2011 at their home at the age of 10. Top Entrepreneur of India – Sandeep TandonBack in 2010, paying gas, electricity, telephone bills, and recharging our mobiles, DTH, and more wasn’t as easy as it is now.

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As the name suggests, it is a business entity formed in the name of a single person. That person owns the business, manages it and controls the various operations. It can simply be formed by any person who wants to start a business without going through various legal formalities. A business operated by proprietorship firm cannot be transferred to another person, unlike a Limited Liability Proprietorship or a Private Limited Company.

All the transactions of the business will be through this bank account. In order to continue enjoying our site, we ask that you confirm your identity as a human. As we know that there should be a minimum of two members for a partnership. However, the maximum number will vary according to a few conditions.

There is no such requirement of uploading the Annual report or other reports on the MCA website. Freelance writers provide content to various print and electronic publications like magazines and websites. They often provide articles, blogs, and other informational pieces to publications specializing in certain businesses, interests, and causes. As their name suggests, these writers are independent contractors, making their work perfect for a sole proprietorship. Graphic designers create marketing materials, such as flyers, brochures, and logos for businesses. Most graphic designers, when not employed by a marketing or advertising agency, offer their services as freelancers and operate from home.

Madness, imprisonment and so forth may have an impact on the sole proprietorship. In such conditions, the proprietorship will give up to exist and the enterprise will come to an end. Understanding the different types of companies in India is crucial for entrepreneurs, investors and business owners to make informed decisions about the structure and legal status of their enterprise. Financial planners can work as sole proprietors if they’re a single owner.