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Thus, being a delivery driver with GoPuff is one of the most convenient delivery driver jobs you can do. Gopuff delivery drivers earn up to $21+ uss express reviews per hour and are hired as independent contractors. As with the other delivery apps, you have flexible hours when you deliver with Uber Eats.

delivery services for employment

Dashers use the DoorDash app to find jobs delivering to people. Uber Eats is available in many cities throughout the United States. As an independent contractor, Uber pays you for each delivery. You can also earn tips as many Uber Eats delivery partners do. Uber Eats is an on-demand restaurant delivery service that Uber launched to compete with the other top dogs of Grubhub, Postmates, and DoorDash.

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In fact, if you’re super organized, you can even work for multiple platforms, increasing your earning potential. Just be sure not to mix up your orders so that your customer satisfaction ratings don’t decrease. Most platforms will also require you to have a smartphone to manage and track your deliveries.

delivery services for employment

Nonetheless, if you already possess this equipment, PickUp is one of the best delivery driver apps that you can use to make money with a truck. To become a delivery driver, you will need to be 19 or older and have an insured vehicle and driver’s licence. However, in some cities, there is the option to use a bike to make your deliveries.

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Favor Delivery employs delivery drivers to provide food delivery services in their local area. When you download the app, you can set your own working hours. You can expect to earn up to $18 per hour and you can keep 100% of your customer tips.

  • Instacart shoppers can now see their estimated earnings before deciding if an order is worth their time.
  • Customers can browse the website to find what they are looking for in their local area.
  • The platform provides on-demand, same-day pickup and delivery services.
  • Thus, this makes it one of the best side hustle or side job ideas.

When you’re scheduled to work, you open the app to find orders, pick them up from the restaurants, and deliver them to the customer’s house. So, it’s a really similar process to many of the other best delivery apps on this list. DoorDash acquired another one of the best food delivery services, Caviar, in 2019. Caviar is seen as a high-end service, delivering for a more curated list of restaurants. DoorDash is a food delivery platform that fulfils food orders from restaurants to customers. Thus, you can boost your earnings by providing superb customer service. While some food delivery platforms allow you to complete deliveries by bike, most platforms will require you to have access to an insured vehicle and a valid driver’s license.

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One way to bring in some extra cash is to become a driver for a delivery app. You can deliver restaurant orders, groceries, packages, and more. The Wagner-Peyser Act requires that these services be provided as part of the One-Stop delivery reviews system estab- lished by the States under Section 134 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. For the most part, each service requires that employees are a certain age, have a valid driver’s license, and own an iPhone or Android phone.

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Base Pay varies based on where you’re delivering and can range from $2-$10 per order. The promotions are one of the reasons this is one of the best delivery apps to work for. You can earn extra for driving during Peak Pay hours, and you earn extra for Challenges .

Hourly pay is calculated using average Dasher payouts while on a delivery over a 90 day period and includes compensation from peak pay, tips, and other incentives. Instacart is a leader in the grocery delivery space and offers gig workers multiple forms of employment. Since it’s the largest on-demand restaurant delivery service, you’ll likely be able to find Grubhub in your city. Similar to these services, you’ll be taking orders through the app, driving to restaurants, and delivering orders to make money. Many people are familiar with Uber as a rideshare platform, but it also has a food delivery app. Uber Eats allows people to order restaurant food for home delivery.

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In general, you can expect to earn around $11 per hour or more. The platform also offers its drivers bonuses for completing various tasks. To become a driver, you will need to be 21 or older, have an insured vehicle and a valid driver’s license. Bobby Hoyt is a former band director who paid off $40,000 of student loan debt in 18 months on his teaching salary and then left his job to run Millennial Money Man full-time. He helps other Millennials earn more through side hustles, save more through budgeting tools and apps, and pay off debt.

Owned by rideshare giant Uber, Uber Eats was launched in 2014 and is now available in over 6,000 cities across 45 countries. Uber Eats allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurants, and , from convenience stores and grocery stores. The app shows you estimated earnings before accepting an order. Full-service Instacart shoppers can make up to $20/hour during busy times and average $12/hour.