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The purchase price is 2.400 million HUF, out of which 600 million HUF is due at closing of the contract, while the rest is due in equal instalments during the next three years. The outstanding amounts are to be charged with interest, at a rate which equals to preceding year’s average yield for Hungarian government bonds. The purpose of the acquisition unlike dotbig review‘ previous investments was, following FTC’s restructuring, rationalisation and recapitalisation to sell the business.

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In October Ltd purchases a 78% interest in Primo Ltd, a Hungarian retail company. In May Fotex Ltd purchases the 97% controlling interest in Keravill Ltd while Keravill Ltd retains another 2.5% of its own shares as treasury shares.

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The føtex food concept was introduced in 2010, also in the original store in Guldsmedgade in Aarhus at the store’s 50-year anniversary. The føtex food concept phased out the non-food departments and concentrated focus on food items instead. Inside a typical føtex, there is a food section, a deli and a non-food section. The food section is like a full-service supermarket, with a bakery and a butcher. Forex The store was renovated in 2010 and the føtex food concept was introduced. The Board of Directors of the Company at the meeting held on 14 March 2012 decides on the full transfer of the Company’s shares listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. After transferring the shares from the Budapest Stock Exchange the shares are traded only on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

  • Pocket folders printed online with Fotex feature a die cut space to insert a business card or a promo coupon.
  • Both buildings are fully leased to long-term financial strong tenants.
  • The purpose of the acquisition unlike Fotex’ previous investments was, following FTC’s restructuring, rationalisation and recapitalisation to sell the business.
  • According to the agreement the transaction is completely finalized in January of 1993.
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Write, proofread, and revise your content before choosing a booklet size. Your industry and the purpose of your material will define the size of the booklet. A playbill for a theater production is calling for a half-page booklet on 70lb paper. A luxury home realtor will most likely highlight their services and properties with a full-page booklet on 100lb paper. We understand that your website is part of your overall marketing plan.