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Collective Venture Investments

Current or future portfolio companies in this fund may use AngelList’s recruiting platform and may pay an affiliate of the fund’s investment adviser for premium recruiting tools and services. This may create a potential conflict of interest for the investment adviser, which you will consent to by subscribing to the fund. dotbig If you are an LP of HC’s syndicate you may have noticed that I have not launched any new deals since January. This is because I’ve been tirelessly working on refining HC’s investment approach, networking with investors + advisors + founders, and winning allocations in companies that I believe are set up for extraordinary success. Valuable source of investment opportunities to partners at VCs once HC portfolio companies are raising subsequent rounds of financing. Leverage a vast network of pre-partner investors at many of the top VC funds as a wedge into the most sought-after deals by sharing deal by deal carry with the people who introduce me to companies HC invests in.

Collective Venture Investments

SentinelOne is the only platform that is proven to defend every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the threat lifecycle, using behavioral-based detection with automatic mitigation and forensics. Venture Capital Tala uses AI and unique data science to provide instant loans over mobile phones to the underserved and unbanked around the globe. Competitive advantage while winning deals and supporting the portfolio.

Notable Deals

Despite being a generalist investor, the breakdown of company categories/sectors below broadly reflects the projected makeup of future rolling fund investments. Equally comfortable with Fortune 500’s and early-stage startups, I’m never satisfied with the status quo and constantly push myself and others to do better. In terms of sourcing, TVC is partnering with tech-focused groups in New York and London and will identify talent at the university and college level. dotbig ltd It also said it will build relationships with underrepresented operators “at the most prominent tech companies” and co-invest with diversity-focused founders. We invest for the seed-stage which means when it comes time to raising the next round we are fully-aligned with the founding team. We have structured the firm to be as aligned with the entrepreneur’s financial interests as possible – at our short-term expense.

  • Our work is focused on advancing immigration reform, reimagining the future of high school, seeking an end to gun violence in Chicago, championing environmental justice, and accelerating cancer research and treatments.
  • The fund may invest in other funds subject to those funds’ fees and investment strategies.
  • Portfolio company founders, VC investors, and syndicate LPs consistently recommend the HC syndicate as a great capital partner for promising founders wrapping their venture rounds.
  • Venture funding for health innovators exceeded 14 billion yet the continuing global crisis of health inequity predicts strong opportunity for this sector.

The healthcare industry’s first cultural competency credentialing system. Machine learning tools to make buildings smarter – quickly, affordably and securely. Dedicated to providing traditional financial products and services to crypto asset holders. To help cut through the noise, you only see deals that have successfully completed our due diligence process.

Collective Ventures Investments

Founded in 2019, The Venture Collective is an early-stage venture firm based in New York, New York. This firm prefers to invest our capital, time, and network into fast-growing companies with global potential for huge, positive impact. Portfolio company founders, VC investors, and syndicate LPs consistently recommend the HC syndicate as a great capital partner for promising founders wrapping their venture rounds.

Collective Venture Investments

The outlets owned by Emerson Collective include The Atlantic magazine and its digital properties along with its standout events line, AtlanticLIVE, and its consulting division, Atlantic 57. testimonials The Washington Post reports Emerson Collective plans to move to full ownership of The Atlantic in "three to five years" after their 2017 investment. In recent years the organization has expanded its reach into art, film, and media, journalism, sports, and other creative ventures.

Capital Efficiency

This is a private syndicate and diverse community of accredited investors looking to profitably solve global problems. While deal-flow is our differentiator, our global and diverse community is our greatest asset. At least 50% of our Members will always be women, people of color, or identify as LGBTQ+. Below are just a few of the Collective Members our community co-invests with. Our Venture Investments trusted relationships with the entrepreneurs in the Fellowship give Collective Members intimate access to ventures focused on profitably solving systemic societal and environmental challenges. Emerson Collective LLC invests and advocates for immigration reform, environment, school improvement, and social justice initiatives through investments in entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

World Preservation

Data proves this industry will continue to evolve rapidly due to consumer demand and the impact of climate change. dotbig contacts Our skills, experience, and connections are here for you to capitalize on when you need them most. We bring trusted advice, mentoring, and resources required to help your team successfully scale. We don’t have a thesis, but when Embark showed us the future of doggy DNA, we couldn’t resist. Visionary founders have shown us that the weird use cases of today can become the hot themes of tomorrow. We believe entrepreneurs should try to raise as little money as possible to accelerate their businesses, while preserving ownership.

Startups don’t have to raise billions to be worth billions—a point proven by The Trade Desk which raised just $22.5M in VC before earning a billion dollar IPO. dotbig forex Investing in companies bringing high-quality, affordable healthcare to underserved segments of the market. A digital platform that democratizes access to goal-based financial planning and advice. Their latest investment was in nuvo as part of their Seed VC on April 4, 2022. dotbig company Our process provides a deep dive into each company which gives you the data needed to make educated decisions. Emerson Collective was an investor in Ozy, and one of its first backers.

Unlike an angel syndicate or venture fund, investors do not give the Josephine Collective funding to invest. Instead, we meet founders, learn about their visions, their market opportunities, their guiding principles and present them to our Venture Capital group of investors who individually decide whether they want to participate in an investment. When there is enough interest to meet the minimum check size, we make an investment in the startup, coming on as a single line on the cap table.

360 Venture Collective is a woman-founded and led venture firm with an intentionally inclusive investment thesis. This summary is composed by our algorithm based on the analysis of the deals.

To share your interest in joining, please fill out the waitlist form above. It should be noted that to invest through a syndicate curated by Unreasonable Collective, members must meet investor accreditation requirements stipulated in their region. Prior to joining, you will be required to complete certain representations and warranties relating to your accredited investor status. On September 1, 2016, Emerson Collective invested in series A funding for Axios Media, a news website focusing on business, technology, politics and media trends. While geography is substantially less important than product and market, we expect that the majority of our investments will be in companies located outside of California and New York.

Credible opportunities that are referred to us from someone we trust have a higher chance of progressing. If you don’t have any contacts within our networks, then you can reach out to us by clicking below.